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Our Team RAMP Motto:      "We are sports-minded individuals that will take the ball and run with it."  "Our passion is to help people protect All their Assets and we will go the extra mile daily to prove it."  

Alan & Beth Smithey, owner-operators of Retirement And Mortgage Protectors............." Team RAMP"  

Working with us is both fun and rewarding.

Retirement And Mortgage Protectors "RAMP" is unlike any other Insurance Company you have worked for.

We were established with three goals in mind; kind of like the 3-legged stool.  It will not stand up and do its job if it only has two legs. Our goal is kind of the same. Because, if our programs are not good for All of us, they are not good for Any of us and they will not last. 


We bring long-term balance and transparency to the professional and personal lives of both independent insurance agents and agency builders. By focusing on balanced commissions, Free Leads, front office, and back-office support, incentive programs, and production bonuses. RAMP is truly committed to sharing the wealth of opportunity with you and bringing high levels of service and training to our sales force. 


A few things that set us apart from other companies.  1) Our Leads are Free to all producers. This allows every agent the opportunity to set 5-10 appointments per week, in order to make $1,000, $1,500, $2,000, or more per week.  2) Pre-Set Virtual Appointments. Pay a small fee and receive 5-10 appointments that are Pre-Qualified, Guaranteed, and Reliable.  3) Lastly, and by far the best things we offer.  You may choose to join one of our Partnership Managers/Agencies and participate in our Exclusive Pipeline Sales System, where you can work with a team and be a big or small part of each sale. You may be great at Presenting our Concept to protect all the clients' assets, and/or you may also be a great closer, and/or great at asking the client the questions on the application in order to get their plan issued and placed faster so everyone on the team gets paid faster. This method is proving to be our agents' favorite because you get paid commissions on all sales made in your team and in their pipeline, even if you did not open and close the case. 


RAMP is committed to helping you make this your home, by ensuring you achieve your personal goals and objectives can be successfully achieved over the short-term, medium-term, and long-term. If you are proactive, determined, disciplined, teachable, and looking for an opportunity to make a great living while helping people achieve their goals, then contact us by filling out the form below. If you prefer, you may email your resume to Alan Smithey, VP & Marketing Director at asmithey@me.com. You may also Text Alan, or call him on his private cell phone at 817.657.7946 to set up a confidential phone or zoom interview.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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